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Classroom Education and visits

Archaeology allows us to learn about prior cultures through the study of artifacts and archaeological materials. This often uncovers history that was not written down in any books. All ages can benefit by learning about archaeology and the past. Why not enhance your lesson plan by having an archaeologist come to your classroom? This service is available for all grades, from kindergarten to college level students. Learning about archaeology gives students an appreciation of the past, especially when learning about the region they live in, San Diego County. Members of the Board of Directors can come to your classroom for a visit and give an informative lecture. We can provide an educational and interactive lecture tailored to your class’ education level and curriculum. If you have a topic in mind, please contact us and we should be able to accommodate requests.

Example topics are:
The History of San Diego
The Kumeyaay Indians
Career Days
Gold Rush
Ancient Egyptians
Ancient Romans

Classroom visits range from 30 minutes to one hour. Additionally, we can also provide help with lesson plans or field trip ideas within San Diego that complement your curriculum if you are not interested in a lecturer. Basic classroom visits are free and include a short lecture about the agreed upon topic.

To set up a classroom visit, or if you have any questions, please contact Shannon Foglia, the Youth and Community Outreach coordinator at Shannon.Foglia@aecom.com