Art Show


October is California Archaeology Month and November is Native American Heritage Month. To celebrate, the San Diego County Archaeological Society and California State Parks have collaborated to present an annual archaeology-themed juried art show and contest called “Celebrating the Art in Archaeology.”

Art and archaeology are inextricably linked. Archaeologists often study the artistic creations of past cultures, whether ancient Grecian mosaics or finely crafted stone tools of pre-contact California. Archaeological sites and past peoples have long served as sources of inspiration for artists working in a variety of mediums. There is considerable artistic skill displayed in hand-drawn archaeological mapping and artifact illustration, and field photos can also be well-composed works of art. People engaged in replicative arts recreate clothing, tools, and other objects from the past using traditional materials and techniques. In the Native American community, artists use cultural traditions that are thousands of years old.

The exhibition features four categories of artwork to showcase the various ways that art and archaeology intersect. Works in the Archaeological Line Drawing category are hand-drawn archaeological illustrations, including artifact illustrations, maps and other line drawings used in archaeology. The Photography category encompasses both archaeological field photography and fine art photography with an archaeological theme or subject matter. The Fine Art category includes paintings, drawings, sculptures, and multimedia works with an archaeological theme or subject matter. In the Traditional Arts Category, works exhibit the use of traditional materials and/or techniques such as flintknapping, pottery, textile weaving/sewing, basketry, and blacksmithing.

Entries are due August 31, 2019.

Location information: The Art Show is on display at the California State Parks offices in Liberty Station 2797 Truxtun Road, Barracks 26, San Diego, CA 92106 and is open for public viewing during normal business hours Monday-Friday 8am-5pm through the months of October, November, and December.  The art show opening reception is held on the first Friday of October at 5-8pm. The public is welcome.

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